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Our Head Stonemason is a true perfectionist. Quite simply, he refuses to let any piece of stone leave our workshop unless he is completely satisfied with it. Like any profession ‘the Devil is in the detail’ and at Granite Concepts we believe that it is the tiny details that matter.

Take a quick tour as to what we are talking about:

“A plan is nothing, but planning is everything”

No not Dwight Eisenhower talking about the Normandy Landings of 1944, but your kitchen and bathroom.

There are two key planning considerations to take into account before deciding upon a worktop: one will save you money, the other, tears:

1) The number and choice of kitchen carcases

With respect to kitchen planners, they would like you to buy as many carcases as possible – and that’s good business for us too. However, if possible talk to us first before deciding upon your kitchen plan. We could save you £100s, or even £1,000s.

2) Stone needs to be laid to rest!

Our Buyers’ Guide page explains that although stone (eg, marble and granite) is porous, it is sealed when installed to ensure non-porosity is retained.

So, before agreeing a fitting date for your worktops, always ask: 1) “When will you be cutting the stone?”, and; 2) “When will you be fitting it?”. This is because stone needs time to dry out properly – without which the joints won’t set properly and you will experience post-fitting problems. Subject to weather and atmospheric conditions this drying time can take a week.

Up-Stands that stand-up to scrutiny

Up-stands (those things that go at the back against the wall and at right-angles to your worktop) are another consideration. Up-Stands need to be ‘bookmarked’ – meaning that they need to be cut from the same slab and match the kitchen worktop pieces so that the pattern continues. This is considered sacrosanct by any Stonemason worth his salt!

Depth, not size, is everything …..sometimes!

You may have a depth in mind as to how thick you want your worktops to be. Fine so far.

But, what type of cooking hob were you thinking of buying? Confused? Come and see us and we will be pleased to explain.

The ‘Butterfly effect’

No, not something from an Isaac Asimov Sci-Fi novel, but the manner in which our stone slabs are cut to ensure as good a match as possible between one piece and its neighbour.

Always ask before buying how the Stonemason is going to achieve this as it’s not as easy as it sounds and takes care and experience to achieve. We call it the ‘butterfly effect’ because two stone slabs (being a natural product) will never be identical. Each cut needs to be planned so that the veins match each other as best as possible  – like two butterfly wings. By contrast imagine the opposite? Imagine looking at your finished kitchen/bathroom where the veins at the join show them travelling in different directions? Not a pretty sight.

Groovy grooves!

Peculiar as it may seem, the quality of drainage grooves is the benchmark by which any self-respecting Stonemason prides his work! If you decide upon having drainage grooves there’s some important questions you need to ask before doing so. Are you wanting them purely for decorative purposes?

For example, your choice of sink will make a difference in how your grooves are sculptured. This is where we get nerdy! Almost any Stonemason can route a groove into stone: but the real skill is in graduating the entire length of each groove so they remain aesthetically pleasing on the eye – as well as doing the job they are supposed to do.

But if you do just want those ‘cat scratches’ so often seen in kitchen showrooms these days, that’s not a problem – except that our Stonemason will be in a sulk all day!

A polish that looks really buff

We mentioned perfectionism. Well, it is the polishing element of every job in which we pride oursleves most. And actually, we think this is one of Granite Concept’s ‘unique selling points’.

It needs no detailed explanation that to get a wonderful sheen on a stone surface takes a lot of time, a great deal of care, and a lot of high-grade equipment. We like to think of ourselves as the French polishers of the stone world. You’ve come to the right place!

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